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You are the Product

Imagine yourself as a product on a shelf in a store. That's how recruiters see you—just another item waiting to be picked up and utilized to generate value.

That's what companies are, they are customers, and you are the product. So you need to do everything you can to get them to buy you.

But how do you sell a product effectively?

The Journey of Selling a Product

Just like selling a physical product, selling yourself as a candidate involves several key steps: market research, marketing, and ultimately, being a truly valuable product.

Market Research

Before launching a product, it's crucial to understand your target market. Similarly, before heading into interviews, you need to research the companies you'll be engaging with. What are their values, goals, and pain points? Knowing this information allows you to tailor your approach and demonstrate how you can fulfill their needs.

Additionally, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the individuals involved, including the interviewers' backgrounds, the skillsets they value, and the products they develop. Nevertheless, dedicating excessive time to customizing your approach for a particular company is generally inefficient. In truth, maximizing the visibility of your application across multiple companies is paramount.


Effectively promoting yourself is crucial. This involves crafting an impressive resume, building connections through networking, and presenting your skills and experiences in the most favorable manner. Just as a well-designed product attracts consumers' attention, a refined and compelling personal brand grabs the interest of recruiters.

Your resume serves as your vital link. It should be optimized to the fullest extent, potentially tailored for specific companies or positions.

The reality is, companies have numerous options, and they may not delve deeply into your profile. Essentially, your resume is the primary document they will review.

Being Useful

The essence of successful selling hinges on the product's utility. Likewise, as a candidate, your software engineering and computer science competencies serve as your fundamental strengths. Consistently refining and broadening these skills enhances your marketability. Employers seek individuals capable of addressing their challenges and fostering innovation, underscoring the importance of proficiency in your domain.

Therefore, immerse yourself in learning! Master advanced concepts and engage in product development. This often entails becoming adept in a particular niche. If you genuinely possess the requisite skill sets for a role, you are already halfway toward success.