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Introduction to the Software Industry


Are you eager to delve into the software industry and reap its rewards? Whether you're an undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral student in computer science or a related field, this course is tailored for you. It's designed to equip you with fundamental knowledge from the ground up, preparing you for a successful career in the industry.

If you're seeking to transition into the software industry from a non-engineering or non-computer science background, this course may be less relevant to your needs.

Course Description

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of key facets such as navigating job applications, refining business etiquette, implementing effective job search strategies, mastering interview techniques, and gaining valuable insights into the landscape of the software industry.

In this course, tailored guidance will be provided within the specific context of the software industry. For example, while dressing casually might be acceptable for an engineer in the tech sector, it may not be appropriate for roles in sales or marketing. Therefore, caution is advised when applying these tips to other industries, as compatibility may vary.

Assuming no prior experience in the tech industry (with high school internships at small startups not considered substantial), this course will lead you through corporate protocols and the array of nuances inherent in the industry.

Skills Covered

  • Understanding business etiquette
  • Crafting compelling resumes
  • Implementing effective job search strategies
  • Excelling in interviews
  • Acquiring insights into the software industry


  • Currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of an accredited post-secondary institution
  • Pursuing studies in computer science or a related field