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Money and Freedom

Money affords freedom.
Many individuals find themselves content with staying stagnant in their careers, preferring familiarity over advancement. They settle for what they perceive as "good enough," often tethered to their hometowns due to familial or social ties, reluctant to venture elsewhere.

Financially privileged individuals can afford such complacency. However, for others, this mindset is imprudent.

Companies undergo layoffs, terminate employees without cause, and are not immune to such actions despite legal repercussions.

Your career holds significance; prioritizing it grants you the autonomy to select your path. You can opt for roles offering better work-life balance or immerse yourself in demanding positions, driven by passion for your craft. The choice is yours.

Financial stability enables you to indulge in dining out, embarking on vacations, savoring gourmet meals, or pursuing hobbies.

Until you achieve financial independence, staying within your comfort zone is counterproductive. Continuous improvement paves the way for the freedom to pursue your desires.

Fortunately, software engineering ranks among the highest-paid professions and offers considerable flexibility in job transitions and opportunities.

Estimated Total Compensation for Google

These figures outline the estimated total compensation for various software engineering roles at Google as of August 2023:

LevelNameTotalBaseStock (/yr)BonusExpected Years of Experience
L3SWE II (Entry Level)$198K$147K$41K$10K0-2 years
L4SWE III$273K$175K$77K$21K2-5 years
L5Senior SWE$373K$204K$139K$30K5-8 years
L6Staff SWE$525K$247K$234K$44K8-12 years
L7Senior Staff SWE$703K$288K$346K$69K12-15 years
L8Principal Engineer$1.1M$328K$654K$119K15+ years

Several other tech companies offer even more lucrative compensation packages, not to mention the opportunities in startups, trading firms, or quant careers. Nonetheless, for many, the pinnacle is securing a position in a leading tech firm, a journey often kick-started by internships.